What are you worth?

How much value can you create? Are you more valuable than AI? What's your point of difference?

Many purpose-driven entrepreneurs

struggle to make their ideas work.

No matter how good your idea is, it's worthless if the right people don't love it. If you don't know whether it's likely to work, you're carrying extra risk. And then if your idea doesn't fly, the world is stuck with the problems you could have solved.

That's why The Value Academy offers apps and consulting that help identify the tangible value your business idea can create. We coach you to be brave, know your own worth and get over the speed bumps of self-doubt.

You'll know how good your idea is before you build it, which means you can pitch with certainty instead of hype. And then you'll start something that makes life better, for all of us.

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Reduce risk. Save time and money. Get traction faster.

How good is your idea? Find out today.

The Value Map

Our app assesses how well you understand your idea: the core problem, the key actors in the scenario and their current experience of pain. You get a report that visualises how well your solution reduces their pain and meets their needs.

The app makes your solution stronger by finding gaps in your knowledge and refocusing you on what matters most the value you'll deliver for the people who use what you build.

The Value Academy team

Hi - I’m Stephen Alexander.

I'm an Adjunct Professor at Hult International Business School's London campus and the creator of the Digital Value Capture® framework. I have 30 years of experience interacting with thought leaders such as Bill Gates, whilst pioneering disruptive technologies including e-commerce and driving digital transformation journeys across multiple market sectors. I've worked with many of the distributed ledger based technologies. Ethereum co-founder Joe Lubin funded me to determine the total value potential of decentralised currencies and digital assets over the next ten years.

Now I'm offering my framework to everyone via apps, online coaching and 1:1 mentoring.

Hi - I’m Belinda Noakes.

I spent the first part of my career developing IT policy in the public sector before doing 10 years in business development roles with Microsoft. In 2010 I took a long break to recover from burnout and train in a couple of healing and coaching modalities. Then I remembered my interest in using tech for the greater good! I work as a Courage Coach for entrepreneurs doing impossible things and advise organisations on creating value with technology systems.

Now I'm combining my consulting & healing skills via online programs and 1:1 coaching.

This is what we know

Our world faces several wicked problems a series of complex and interrelated challenges that can't be solved using old thinking or simple answers. But by focusing on the value solutions deliver, we can create a different future.
When you learn to see pain and problems in the world clearly, you can design products and services that people really want. Which means you can create jobs for yourself — and for others — that a robot can’t do. That’s the kind of job security we all need.
Stephen Alexander

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