Are you an entrepreneur, consultant or innovation manager? Or studying to become one? We've got the tools you need to be successful.


When you — or your client — have an idea for a new business/product/service, it's often hard to tell whether it's likely to succeed. Traditional market research only takes you so far. Your gut instinct tells you it’ll work, but you’re not completely sure.

What if you could arrive at a qualified GOOD IDEA that has a high probability of success BEFORE you spend real time and money developing the new thing?

I’ve developed a step-by-step formula for evaluating new business ideas in a risk-averse post COVID economy - plus a bundle of tools that will help you determine whether anyone will buy your idea. Watch our webinar to learn more.

I’m Stephen Alexander.

I'm an Adjunct Professor at the Hult International Business School London campus and the creator of the Digital Value Capture® framework. I bring 30 years’ experience of interacting with thought leaders such as Bill Gates, whilst pioneering many disruptive technologies including e-commerce, and driving digital transformation journeys across multiple market sectors. More recently, I've worked with many of the distributed ledger based technologies. Ethereum co-founder Joe Lubin funded me to determine the total value potential of decentralised currencies and digital assets over the next ten years.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the webinar cover?

I talk about why traditional approaches to evaluating business ideas don't deliver certainty - and what you need to know before investing time and money in developing your new idea. You'll learn why the Digital Value Capture™ framework is different AND I'll share the simple secret formula you can use today to start thinking differently about innovation. Finally, I'll give you a sneak peek at all the good things launching this year and invite you to be part of our first group coaching program.

Are you just selling me stuff?

No! We do talk briefly about our upcoming group coaching program and invite you to join us. But we also share details of the free tools we're launching in the next few weeks. We're working hard to make Digital Value Capture™ accessible to everyone and we're ready to start telling you about it.

Will all this be affordable?

We're working to drive down the costs of acquiring the skills, know-how and coaching so the program is accessible to anyone, regardless of location and ability to pay. By combining the app, self-learning and group/personal coaching to work on your own gig, you can choose what you pay if the corporate rate does not apply to your circumstances. We also have an affiliate programme, so that even if you have no money you can earn a place in the program.